Friday, October 11, 2019

CSM 14 Q3 2019 Minutes...

This week, I sat down and worked my way from the start to the finish of the published CSM 14 Q3 2019 minutes.  I think this is the first time in the entirety of the nine years I've had an EVE account, that I actually read the entire document.

I was searching for some glimmer of a clue that CCP has a plan or glimmer of a plan for what they want to make EVE into.  The closest I got to that was on page 39, with:

"Aryth says that CCP Seagull had a vision but right now CCP seems to be throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. "

That pretty much sums up the way that I've been feeling this year.  The torrent of skill points for logging in and playing have not helped.  In fact, if anything, these events have deepened my despair that there is a future in EVE Online for a "Lone Wolf" player style.

Therefore, I have cancelled all my accounts and as their time expires, I will just disappear.  I doubt I'll completely walk away, but the game is not worth paying for.  I'll play the alpha level game - it is just as "rewarding" as the omega level game, and does not cost me anything other than the time I throw at it.

No, you can't have my stuff.  CCP wants money out of the economy, so I'll just lock it all away as insurance against some future time.  Who knows, CCP might come to their senses and find a direction that includes something (new and challenging) for Lone Wolves to do.  If that happens, I'll at least come back to try it.

In the meantime - if you are staying, I wish you all the best.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I will not dump my Occator!

Hermit posted yesterday that it was time to throw out the Occator and start using an Impel.   Hold on one little second.

For Yinmatook to throw away his Occator that as currently fit can do the MWD/Cloak "quick warp" trick (which is different from the MWD trick that Hermit is talking about) and fit up that Impel that is not able to do that trick, would not only cost the price of an Impel and fittings, but would require that he go purchase the Amarr Industrial skill and train it to level 5.  That is 19 days (or a two injectors and some hours).

Instead, if you are willing to give up the MWD/Cloak quick warp, here's an Occator fit that is fairly cost effective and has more EHP than the Impel.

[Occator, Haul G]

Centum C-Type Energized Explosive Membrane
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Damage Control II
Centum C-Type Energized EM Membrane
Centum C-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
800mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates

EM Ward Amplifier II
50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Medium Shield Extender II

Prototype Cloaking Device I
[Empty High slot]

Medium Trimark Armor Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump II

Yes, this thing costs more than the Impel (140M isk rather than the 14M isk Hermit's fit has). 

As for the Centum/Corpum/Corelum C-Type modules - purchase the cheapest one available -- they have the same fitting attributes.

One other thing.  Perhaps my copy of Pyfa is out of date, but testing the fits on SiSi, I find that they are actually 100K and 99K EHP, not the 121K and 118K that Pyfa is showing me.

Anyway... whichever ship you choose to fly.  Tank it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring cleaning.

I have finally taken the time (5 minutes... woohoo) to look over the list of blogs that I claimed to follow for the past five years and throw out the ones that I really don't even look at anymore.  I even added two admitting who I am really paying attention to.

I do watch the CCP patches, but sadly, I am finding nothing to draw me back in.  I don't play EVE for "companionship" - hell, I have a wife, five children, ten grandkids, an elderly cat and a sister-in-law and a couple good friends for that stuff.  I play EVE to escape from the pressures and battles of life.  To be honest, EVE has grown to suck at that.  I am finding Diablo3 to be far better at that, right now.  However, I have not completely walked away from EVE.  I still log in and fiddle with Yin's skill queue when it looks like it is getting too low (like less than 200 days of training) and keep my copy of pyfa updated.

I do hope that eventually, CCP adds something for the solo player to salivate over instead of more and more for the massively large alliances to drool over and chase.

Life is real, EVE is a game.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Woah! Really?

This Crimson Harvest event, now that's interesting...  Yin managed to get enough points yesterday that he got the first level of rewards.  The mystery box contained a speed booster.  He popped that like a sailor going... well, yeah, fast!  Thirty minutes later, while speeding through a system running from Ghesis to Amarr on one of those blasted purchase that last bit of kit runs... the speed booster expired and the Apple computer rebooted.  Say what!?!?!?!  Ouch.  All I can say is the speed boost is nice while it lasts, but the after effects are painful.

Be careful out there - and watch out for Crimson Harvest drugs!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Where did Yinmatook go?

Yinmatook has been retrenching.  Fighting off a serious bout of not wanting to play.  The end result (at least the plan right now) is to consolidate onto two accounts.  One character now works for a new puppet master and a second is thinking about making the same move.

The bottom line is that I play this game to unwind, and I play it alone.

I don't want to get into massive fleets and have the massive headaches of always having to wait for Charlie to get his act together and show up for the event.   I've been in large guilds on WOW and EverQuest and learned long ago that nothing starts on time, and usually will be at least two hours late starting.  Given my life, that means I don't get to take part -- the alarm goes off at 5am whether I've had my eight hours or not.

I also cannot afford to have this become another "job" -- I've got three of those IRL, and I don't need any more.

What is my beef with EVE?  Well, I am fed up with claim jumpers.  I am out there running missions in a Marauder fit for PvE, and some damn PvP fit cruiser shows up and starts looting.  If I wanted to do PvP, I'd be out in a PvP ship.   However, if I take a PvP ship out to do PvE missions, I get to file an insurance claim -- and the insurance payout on a Marauder sucks. :/  Until CCP fixes that - EVE is just something I do in off moments and I am not going to pay anyone $500 per year for that.

Instead, I've been playing Elite: Dangerous and Guild Wars 2.  Both of them are games that you buy once and play for free forever (well, unless you want to go into their store and buy things).   I've also been fighting with physics in the alpha Besiege game!

If you drop by Teshi (Domain) or Murini (Kador) -- you might find Yinmatook running missions occasionally -- but don't count on it happening often.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The times they are a-changin

I work at a University in Information Technology (IT).  That means that contrary to popular opinion - summer is when I'm stressed, working overtime and scrambling franticly to upgrade all of our servers and services while the students and many of the faculty are away on their "summer break".  Now that the fall semester has started back up, this is when I get a brief respite - that is, unless some one of the multitude of rushed summer upgrades was not quite right - and then the frantic pace continues until it gets resolved.  Well - for me at least, the lull has finally arrived and I'm able to take stock of where I am with EVE and what I am doing for the next few months...

And... I'm doing a lot of things.

  • The Hi-Sec POS is stored in the corporate hanger and the fuel has been sold.  I'm going to hold onto it until Christmas to see if I feel a need to use it again or if I'm going to sell it.
  • One of my characters (with about 75million skill points) who is a generalist - nice to have along on almost any kind of mission - is being sold.  That transaction should be complete this week.
  • Two of my four accounts are going to be stripped of useful characters, and the other characters either destroyed or left on the unrenewed account.
  • The character that I started when my daughter and her husband got me playing this game in 2010 is off to join a null sec renter corp (renting space from NC., I believe).
  • The character I acquired from a friend that started playing in 2003 and left in 2011, is for the next month or so, running lvl 4 missions in hi-sec with one of the industry characters fleeted up to get their standing raised - after that, if Null renting is good - she's likely to join that same corp (which means turning the corp CEO over to one of the characters that is being trained for that position right now).
  • Two (possibly Three) industry characters will be maintained.
  • One NPC corp, hide my time online from everyone, for sanity, character will be maintained.
  • The still wobbly part of the decision is whether that third industry character gets moved, or if she is abandoned to leave me with a slot for training specialist characters for sale on the character bazaar.  At this point, I'm almost definitely planning to move that character.
The markets seem to finally be settling down.  The cost of making things have fallen dramatically, and prices are slowly following those costs down.   I've still got some tech2 modules that are profitable to invent/build/sell - and I continue to be able to realize a profit every month from doing that, even with doing all the work in a station.

I'm actually looking forward to the invention changes that are due to drop next week.  Being able to start up a multiple run invention job so I can devote less time to the industry side of the operation.  Giving me the ability to log in once a day to set up the queues, instead of trying to be able to log in about every four hours to start up a new set of invention jobs.  I really need to make some time to get on SiSi and try that out, so I know what I'm doing next week ;)

Ya'll be safe now...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Should PVP be the new PVE?

A few folks I follow religiously (Jester, Mabrick) have commented in blogs (or it has been said in the comments on the post) I have read this morning that PVP is the only acceptable gameplay.  That got me to thinking about what is wrong with PVE in hi-sec space...

The biggest issue I have with PVE in hi-sec (especially as I am doing it in Osmon where I can run missions for SoE and Caldari [which are diagonally opposing factions in the faction wars and by raising my standing with them (as SoE is a front for the Minmatar) I can slowly raise my standings with all factions ... but then standings won't matter after the summer (hah!)]) is the ninja gangsters that drop in and challenge you by shooting your MTU or looting your wrecks knowing that you are in a PVE fit battleship (or marauder) and their PVP fit cruiser will make short work (or at least be a superior match) for you as you battle them and the targets of the mission.  

How to fix that?  Let's see... (off the top of my head)

If CCP really believes that PVP is the only valid play style - then PVE should not exist as it does today.  Really, it should just be PVP against an AI.  So, there should not be any difference between a PVE-fit and a PVP-fit.  That would let the PVE running person defend their loot/wrecks/MTU.  How would this work.  Well, I'm given to understand (I need to admit that I'm no PVP expert - haven't ever really engaged in it -- so, I'm really admitting that I'm not CCP's desired game player... even if I do have four accounts...) that a good PVP player is going to have multiple safe spots as well as perches and spying locations to watch from.

Therefore, I think that CCP could make this a lot riskier for the gangsters by updating the PVE content to force people to use PVP-fits to run them.  Give us more than one bookmarked warp in spot.  We need a perch to assess the situation.  We need warp targets that are close to each group so PVP tactics can be executed, in true hit-and-run style.  This allows us to warp in, decimate the cloud (or be decimated) and run off to the perch/safe to lick our wounds before coming back to take out the next group.  And since we are already flying a PVP-fit; when that risk averse thinks hi-sec is their personal hunting ground shows up to help, we are probably ready to take them out as just another small iteration on the mission parameters.

I have tried (in the past) to use what I am told are PVP fits for missions and it has been a dismal failure.  As I don't PVP, I may be completely doing it wrong.  I shall have to run an experiment and see...

What do you think?  Is it possible to run the existing PVE missions with PVP-fits?  If it is, are their suggested methods (that I've obviously failed to find)?

See you in space,