Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring cleaning.

I have finally taken the time (5 minutes... woohoo) to look over the list of blogs that I claimed to follow for the past five years and throw out the ones that I really don't even look at anymore.  I even added two admitting who I am really paying attention to.

I do watch the CCP patches, but sadly, I am finding nothing to draw me back in.  I don't play EVE for "companionship" - hell, I have a wife, five children, ten grandkids, an elderly cat and a sister-in-law and a couple good friends for that stuff.  I play EVE to escape from the pressures and battles of life.  To be honest, EVE has grown to suck at that.  I am finding Diablo3 to be far better at that, right now.  However, I have not completely walked away from EVE.  I still log in and fiddle with Yin's skill queue when it looks like it is getting too low (like less than 200 days of training) and keep my copy of pyfa updated.

I do hope that eventually, CCP adds something for the solo player to salivate over instead of more and more for the massively large alliances to drool over and chase.

Life is real, EVE is a game.

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