Friday, March 20, 2015

Where did Yinmatook go?

Yinmatook has been retrenching.  Fighting off a serious bout of not wanting to play.  The end result (at least the plan right now) is to consolidate onto two accounts.  One character now works for a new puppet master and a second is thinking about making the same move.

The bottom line is that I play this game to unwind, and I play it alone.

I don't want to get into massive fleets and have the massive headaches of always having to wait for Charlie to get his act together and show up for the event.   I've been in large guilds on WOW and EverQuest and learned long ago that nothing starts on time, and usually will be at least two hours late starting.  Given my life, that means I don't get to take part -- the alarm goes off at 5am whether I've had my eight hours or not.

I also cannot afford to have this become another "job" -- I've got three of those IRL, and I don't need any more.

What is my beef with EVE?  Well, I am fed up with claim jumpers.  I am out there running missions in a Marauder fit for PvE, and some damn PvP fit cruiser shows up and starts looting.  If I wanted to do PvP, I'd be out in a PvP ship.   However, if I take a PvP ship out to do PvE missions, I get to file an insurance claim -- and the insurance payout on a Marauder sucks. :/  Until CCP fixes that - EVE is just something I do in off moments and I am not going to pay anyone $500 per year for that.

Instead, I've been playing Elite: Dangerous and Guild Wars 2.  Both of them are games that you buy once and play for free forever (well, unless you want to go into their store and buy things).   I've also been fighting with physics in the alpha Besiege game!

If you drop by Teshi (Domain) or Murini (Kador) -- you might find Yinmatook running missions occasionally -- but don't count on it happening often.


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